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The use of Irrevocable Funeral Trusts (IFTs) and Single Premium Annuities (SPIAs) can greatly help to protect assets in a Long Term Care and Medicaid Spend Down event.

If you are referring your clients to a funeral home to prepay their funeral arrangements, you may be doing a disservice to them. That funeral home might not be there when your client passes. Pre-funded funeral plans for the children are even more at risk as it could be 20 or 30 years before needing the funds. Will they still be in the same community, the same state? Funeral Trusts are portable to all 50 states, and give your clients more options and better protection. Help Protect Their Future, Today!

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How do Irrevocable Funeral Trusts (IFTs) benefit your practice:

  • You and your firm are now offering your clients new and better services.
  • There is no charge to your firm or your clients to set up the Funeral Trusts.
  • Irrevocable status means the funds are no longer an "Asset" under Medicaid Rules.
  • The IFT is portable to all 50 states and to any funeral home in the USA.
  • Client funds can be passed down to children and the children's spouses, providing a legacy gift.
  • Liquid funds can be placed into the IFT within a few days.
  • Funds placed inside of the IFT cover: Basic services of the Funeral Director & Staff, Embalming, Funeral Home Facility use, Memorial Services, Graveside Services, Clergy Honorarium, Death Certificates, Musicians, Temporary Marker, Stationary Packages, Obituary Notices, Flowers, Clothing, Open/Closing Costs, Casket, Alternative Container, Outer Burial Container, Transportation Equipments & Driver, Transportation of Deceased, Funeral Vehicle/Hearse, Utility/Service Vehicles, Cemetery Charges, Repast costs, and other related costs...

How do Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs) benefit your practice:

  • You and your firm are now offering your clients new and better services.
  • There is no charge to your firm or your clients to set up the SPIAs.
  • Assets become an income stream, thus the assets are no longer counted as an asset under Medicaid Law.


More on Pre-Funded Funeral Funds placed at a local Funeral Home:

  • Many times these funds can be transferred to another funeral home within the USA. however, the funds may not be sufficient to purchase the same type of funeral goods and services that were set up at the original funeral home. Goods and Services costs are not the same in Brook Park, Ohio compared to Hollywood California. The $7,000 paid in Ohio might only be an equivalent of $3,000 in a different part of the country.
  • Some funeral homes "Guarantee" the cost of the funeral. Meaning that they will provide "Similar" goods and services in the future based on what your clients have paid for at the time the pre-funded contract was signed. Understand that if your clients transfer these funds to another funeral home, these costs ARE NOT GUARANTEED !
  • Even if the funds can be transferred, there is a process to transfer the funds. Paperwork will need to be signed, documents exchanged, etc. Is this something you really want your clients to to do in a time when they are thinking about a loved one.

A Funeral Trust is 100% portable anywhere in the USA, no extra paperwork, the funds are Guaranteed and grow at a Guaranteed interest rate that is NOT taxable.